The 1980's...


The 80’s …


Testimonial Awards…


Testimonial Awards 1980…

Previously Honored…

  • 1966 Bill Crothers, Toronto (880 yds.)
  • 1967 John Thomas, Boston (High Jump)
  • 1968 Bob Seagren, California (Pole Vault)
  • 1969 Berny Wagner, Oregon (Coach)
  • 1970 Tom Jennings, California (Coach)
  • 1971 Wally Stinson, Saskatoon (Organizer)
  • 1972 Diane Jones, Saskatoon (Pentathlon)
  • 1973 Grant McLaren, Toronto (Dist. Runner)
  • 1974 Glenda Reiser, Ottawa (Dist. Runner)
  • 1975 Joanne McTaggart (300m)
  • 1976 Francie Larrieu (1500)
  • 1977 Fred Sowerby (300/400)
  • 1978 Stan Vinson (600 yds.)
  • 1979 Bryan Saunders, (400 m, Relay)

The selection of a “double winner” serves both to recognize fine contributions to these Indoor Games by this pair of real competitors, – and to give us an opportunity to congratulate them on their marriage (a few months ago) and to wish them great happiness!

Caren Reindl (nee Rathie) entered the Indoor Games in 1973 as a “Midget” and immediately surprised everyone (except Riversdale T.C. coach Brian Clark) by running so well that she was chosen as the best “Saskatchewan Athlete of the Meet”. By 1975, her progress was so good that she was “invited to compete in our “star” events, and has done so ever since. In 1978, her ability and her very competitive spirit won her recognition as the “Invitational Female Athlete of the Meet”.

Bob Reindl, also carrying Riversdale T.C. colors, entered the “games” in 1974, and by 1977 had improved so much that he, too, was entered into the “Invitational Events”. That year, by virtue of a thrilling victory in the 1000 meter race, and by a new Saskatchewan native record in the 600 yards, he was chosen as the best “Saskatchewan Athlete of the Meet”. In 1978, he won that award again because of his fine efforts, – even though he won no events. However, last year, once again he raised the fans to great ovations, by an 800 meters victory against a field of fine, fine runners.

We join in good wishes to Caren and Bob!


Men’s 300 Meters…

(Sponsored by Al Anderson Sports)



  • 1965 No Event
  • 1966 Jim Kemp, 49er Track Club – 35.2
  • 1967 Lee Southern, U. Manitoba – 36.7
  • 1968 Lee Evans, San Jose State – 35.8
  • 1969 Willie Turner, Oregon State – 35.7
  • 1970 Willie Turner, Oregon State – 36.8
  • 1971 Willie Turner, Cal. International – 35.7
  • 1972 Ivory Crockett, Philadelphia Pioneers – 35.8
  • 1973 Mark Lutz, U. of Kansas – 35.6
  • 1974 Curtis Mills, Philadelphia Pioneers – 35.1
  • 1975 Bert Jacobs, Washington D. C. Striders – 36.2
  • 1976 Bryan Saunders, Can. National Team – 35.2
  • 1977 Fred Sowerby, Washington D.C. Striders – 34.5
  • 1978 Cliff Wiley, Washington D.C. International – 35.6
  • 1979 Cliff Wiley, Washington D.C. International – 34.3
  • 1980 Cliff Wiley, Washington D.C. International – 33.33 MR

1980 EVENT

Cliff Wiley drew an outside lane for the ’80 sprint over 300m and, in spite of this slight handicap, was firmly set on winning his third successive championship. His opponents were three Canadians, Jack Sugget and Ben Johnson led by Desai Williams of Scarborough Optimists. Wiley went to the front from the gun and won handily over Williams with a new meet record time of 33.33 seconds, which was also the best time ever run in Canada. Williams finished second with a new Canadian native indoor time of 34.43 seconds.


  • JAMES BUTLER, Oklahoma St. U. – NCAA 1981 champion at 300 yds, with 29.81 seconds. Ranked #2 in USA and world in 300 yds.
  • GREGORY THOMAS. D.C. Internationals – Strong at 400m, – has recently run 300 yds in 30.9 sec.
  • TONY DARDEN, Philadelphia Pioneers – Ran 400m in 45.01 to earn #7 world ranking outdoors. Was on Pioneers relay team, 4 x 400m, timed at 3:02.35 which was the world’s fastest in 1981 for club teams.
  • CAL LANGFORD, Winnipeg Raiders – Was our “Canadian. Athlete of the Meet” in 1978. Canadian.Champion for 200m in ’81. Ranked #9 in Canada at 300m.
  • JACK SUGGETT, Edmonton Striders – was 3rd fastest Canadian. at 300m in 1980. Prairie and Tri-Prairie 100m champion in 1981.


Men’s Pole Vault…

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  • 1965 John Pennell, Miami – 15 feet11 and ½ inches
  • 1966 Bob Seagren, Los Angeles – (WIR) 17 feet 1 inch
  • 1967 Bob Seagren, U.S.C. – 17 feet 0 inches
  • 1968 Bob Seagren, U.S.C. – 16 feet 0 inches
  • 1969 Bob Seagren, S. Cal. Str. – 16 feet 6 and ¼ inches
  • 1970 Bob Seagren, S. Cal. Str. – 16 feet 8 inches
  • 1971 Bruce Simpson, Scarborough – 16 feet 9 and ¼ inches
  • 1972 Bruce Simpson, U. of Toronto – 16 feet 9 and ¼ inches
  • 1973 Casey Carrigan, Pacific Coast Club – 17 feet 0 inches
  • 1974 Dan Ripley, San Jose St. U. – 17 feet 8 inches
  • 1975 Dan Ripley, Pacific Coast Club – (5.42 m) 17 feet 9 and ½ inches/2 MR
  • 1976 Dan Ripley, Pacific Coast Club – 17 feet 6 inches
  • 1977 Earl Bell, Pacific Coast Club – 17 feet 8 and ¾ inches
  • 1978 Earl Bell, Pacific Coast Club – 17 feet 4 and ¾ inches (5.30 M)
  • 1979 Bruce Simpson, Scarborough Opt. – 17 feet and ¾ inches (5.20 M)
  • 1980 Brad Pursley, Abilene Christian University – 17 feet and 4 inches (5.28 M)

1982 EVENT

The most popular event of the Indoor Games is back after a one year’s absence. With an impressive field coming, this year’s event is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.


  • BRUCE SIMPSON (Scarborough Optimist Club) – Bruce has represented Canada internationally for a full decade winning two Commonwealth Games gold medals (1974 & 1978). His Canadian record is 5.38 M (17 feet 7 and ½ inches).
  • TIM BRIGHT (Abeline Christine U./Athletes in Action) – a promising decathlon competitor (over 7500 pts.). Tim holds the world best in decathlon pole vault – 5.50 m (18 feet ½ inch).
  • JEFF BUCKINGHAM (U. of Kansas) – vaulted 8th best height by an American in 1982 (17 feet 10 and ¼ inches).
  • DALE JENKINS (Abeline Christian U.) – exciting young vaulter who now holds the world record for 18 yr olds – 5.51 M (18 feet ¾ inches).
  • STEVE SMITH – Former K. of C. Games winner. He is a one-time world indoor record of 18 feet 5 inches (5.61 M) is still the 11th best height ever attained


Men’s 60 Meters…

(Sponsored by Bridge City Cosmopolitan Club)




  • 1982 Ben Johnson, Scarborough Optimists – 6.66

1982 EVENT

Ben Johnson set a sizzling pace to set a new record in this race of 6.66 sec. Courtney Brown of Assiniboia Optimist club, placing second, set a new junior record with 6.83 sec. David Lee Pong of Edmonton Olympic club placed third.


  • BEN JOHNSON (Scarborough Optimists) – Set Canadian record in this event here last year, sixth fastest in the world for 1983; silver medalist (4 x 100) at World Student Games; twelfth in 100m at 1983 World Championships.
  • DESAI WILLIAMS(Scarborough Optimists) – Tied Canadian 100m record(10.17) in 1983; won silver medal in World Student Games 100m; finalist in World championship 100m; outdoors twelfth fastest 100 in World; seventh fastest 200 m; ranked fifth indoors at 50 yd., sixth at 60m, second fastest 300 in world indoors in 1983.
  • DEON HOGAN (Lawrence, Kansas) – 1980 set K. of C. Games 400m record; Big 8 200m champion in 1983, seventh fastest indoor 400 in the world in 1983.
  • CLIFF WILEY (Accusplit) – 1981 World Cup 400m champion; his meet record at 300m (33.33) ranks as the third fastest time in history, continually world ranked up to 400m.
  • INNOCENT EGBUNIKE (Athletes in Action – Nigeria) – World Student Games 200m champion in 1983 and first African ever to win U.S.S.R. Spartakiade sprint (200m); NAIA most valuable track athlete winning 100m, 200m and 4×400 (split 44.8); 1983 200m best of 20.42 (All African record); represented Nigeria in 1980 Olympics at age of 17.


Saskatchewan Athlete of the Meet…


Description – Dr. J. W. T. Spinks, a former president of the University of Saskatchewan, continues to provide this award, – usually an engraved tray.

Selection – The Special Awards Selection Committee” is to choose the best performance by a Saskatchewan athlete at this meet. Although the winner may be from any age-class, the performance must be of senior caliber.


  • 1970 – Bruce Pirnie, U. of S., Shot Put
  • 1971 – Bruce Pirnie, U. of S., Shot Put
  • 1972 – John Konihowski, U. of S., sprints and jumps
  • 1973 – Caren Rathie, Riversdale T.C. (Saskatoon), sprints, relays
  • 1974 – Joanne McTaggart, U. of Sask., sprints
  • 1975 – Diane Jones, Saskatoon, High Jump
  • 1976 – Joanne McTaggart, Saskatoon, 200m
  • 1977 – Bob Reindl, Riversdale T.C., 1000m
  • 1978 – Bob Reindl, Riversdale T.C., 800 m
  • 1979 – Louis Christ, U. of Sask., 1 mile
  • 1980 – Kelly Alcorn, Riversdale T.C., high jump
  • 1981 – Ben Daku, Riversdale T.C., 60 m & Louis Christ, U. of Sask, 1 mile
  • 1982 – Lisa Kroll, Saskatoon T. C., 300m
  • 1983 – Cyprian Enweani, U. of Sask., Saskatoon T.C., 300m

Training out of Saskatoon Track Club and U. of S. Track Club, Cyprian Enweani reached new heights in his track career at the 1983 K.C. Indoor Games when he set a new Canadian Jr. record in the 300m in 33.69 seconds. For this, he was chosen for the “Sask. Athlete of the Meet” award.

In 1984, Cyprian continued to excel, running the 300m in 33.56 seconds, the third best indoors time and the best in Canada. Outdoors he ran 200m in 20.86 seconds, an Olympic standard and fifth best in Canada. He also ran with Team Canada in a senior relay in Montreal. At present, he is under contract with the Canadian Track and Field Association.

We wish you the best in your endeavors, Cyprian!


Honorary Meet Director…


Honorary Meet Director…


  • 1965 – Eddie Mather
  • 1966 – Wally Stinson
  • 1967 – Clarence Garvie
  • 1968 – Dr. Dick DuWors
  • 1969 – Dr. Balfour Kirkpatrick
  • 1970 – Bob Adams
  • 1971 – Hugh Tait
  • 1972 – Dr. Noel Doig
  • 1973 – Dr. Maureen DuWors
  • 1974 – Jurgen Wittenberg
  • 1975 – Lyle Sanderson
  • 1976 – Ned Helfrick
  • 1977 – Gordon Hymers
  • 1978 – Hugh Jones
  • 1979 – Jack Wells
  • 1980 – Nick Lucyshyn
  • 1981 – W.A. (Bill) Reid
  • 1982 – Jack McTaggart
  • 1983 – A.G. (Rocky) Rochelle
  • 1984 – Lloyd Saunders

From the inception of the K. of C. Indoor Games, Dale Yellowlees, a Saskatoon native, has been involved. He started off as a competitor, and as a History teacher in the Saskatoon collegiate system, moved on to coaching Track and Field then started officiating in the days when the Games were still held at the arena. Since that time, he has been regularly in charge of public address at the Indoor Games as well as the Commonwealth Games in 1978 and The World Cup in 1979.

The greatest number of volunteer hours for the Games has been spent in taking charge of the roster of invitational athletes, approximately fifty each year, for the last six years. This involves contacting athletes all over Canada and the U.S.A., making decisions on events to be run on the basis of athletes’ availability, and coordinating the invitational events with the entire Games. Can you imagine how many phone calls and hours of time it takes to accomplish this monumental task? Then there are always the last minute cancellations from athletes to throw the schedule out, and Dale has to start over. Yet, he has always managed to put together a first-class invitational roster.

The Sask. K. of C. Indoor Games committee thanks Dale for his many years of dedication and in gratitude, is pleased to name him as Honorary Meet Director for 1985.


Men’s 3000 Meters…

(Sponsored by Saskatoon Kinsmen Club)




  • 1984 – Carey Nelson, U. of Victoria – 8:12.36
  • 1985 – Doug Padilla, Athletics West – 8:12.26 MR

1985 EVENT

On the last lap at the 2:20 mark Doug Padilla kicked and took the lead and came home in 8:12.26, followed by Carey Nelson. University of Victoria, 8:13.36; and Paul Cummings. U.S.A., 8:19.05.


  • MYKE BYERS, (U of S/Team Sask.) – 1985 Canadian Junior team at 5000m; 2nd at 1500m in Transamerica Life Challenge
  • RICHARD CAWKWELL, (Cal. Thun.) – former CIAU team cross country winner at University of Toronto
  • DOUG PADILLA, (A.W.) – ranked No. 1 in US for last six years; world’s fastest at indoor 5000m in 1986.
  • DAVID REID, (Et. Husk.) – fastest Canadian and 3rd fastest in North America for indoor 3000m in 1986
  • SCOTT ROBERTSON, (Cal. Thun/U of C) – 9th fastest Canadian indoors for 1500m in 1986
  • KEVIN RYAN. (USA) – injured in 1986; best outdoor 3000 of 7:51.68 in 1985.

1987 – 88

From December To January…


Welcome to the K. of C. Games for 1987 – 88…

Sanctioned by…

The Saskatchewan Track and Field Association

Sponsored by…

  • Saskatchewan Chapter Knights of Columbus
  • Saskatoon Track Club – Riversdale Kiwanis Track Club
  • The Kiwanis Club of Nutana
  • The Kiwanis Club of Riversdale
  • The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 63
  • The Saskatoon Business Community
  • K. of C. State Council, Saskatchewan District
  • The Bridge City Cosmopolitan Club
  • The City of Saskatoon
  • The K. of C. Councils of Saskatchewan
  • The Dept. of Parks, Culture and Recreation,
  • Province of Saskatchewan
  • The Saskatoon and District Medical Society

Meet Directors:

  • 1965 – 1969: Jack Wells
  • 1970 – 1981: Rocky Rochelle
  • 1982: Bob Adams
  • 1983: Nick Lucyshyn
  • 1984: Nick Lucyshyn, Arnold Kroll
  • 1985 – 1987: Bob Barkman

A Message from the President…

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants, coaches and spectators to this, our 23rd Annual Indoor Games. I wish all athletes good luck and may you perform to the best of your ability striving to do your personal best.

Over the years many athletes who have participated in the Knights of Columbus Games have gone on to compete in world competitions representing their province or country. We are proud to be part of the development of track and field in Saskatoon giving young athletes from Saskatchewan and Western Canada an opportunity to compete on the same track as our world class athletes.

Traditionally, this meet has been held during the Christmas holiday season. This is the first time the games have been held in January. We hope this change of date will encourage greater athletic as well as spectator participation.

This meet is the longest running international indoor track meet in Canada today. Without the generous support of the many Saskatoon businesses, sponsors, professional people, Service Clubs, Knights of Columbus councils throughout Saskatchewan, as well as the City of Saskatoon and Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture of the Provincial Government this meet may not have been as successful as it is today. These groups along with the officials, Board of Directors and committee members who have spent many dedicated hours in planning and staging these games deserve a heartfelt thank you. Also, thank you to the media for their continued support and co-operation. To the many volunteers, and you, the spectators, thank you for your involvement and support. I hope you enjoy the meet as much as we have enjoyed staging it.


Women’s 400 Meters…

(Sponsored by Air Canada)


Women’s Invitational 400M

Meet Champions…

  • 1970 – Irene Piotrowski, Vancouver – 57.4
  • 1971 – Brenda Walsh, Edmonton – 56.9
  • 1972 – Liz Vanderstam, U of A, Edmonton – 56.5
  • 1977 Freida Nichols (nee Davy), Wash. D.C. Striders (Barbados) – 56.1
  • 1978 Caren Rathie, Riversdale (Saskatoon) – 56.8
  • 1979 – Angela Taylor, Scarborough Optimists – 54.04
  • 1986 – Jillian Richardson, Calgary Spartans – 51.73 (distance short)
  • 1987/88 – Jillian Richardson, Calgary Spartans – 53.39 MR

1987/88 Event

Jillian was determined to break the meet record by Angela Taylor as she went out hard and held off teammate Esmie Lawrence. She broke the meet record with a time of 53.39. Esmie was 53.54 and Linetta Wilson was third at 53.99; all going under the old meet record.

1989 Entrants…

  • Jilian Richardson – Calgary Spartans – Olympic Team member 1988; co-holds Canadian record 49.91; Canadian indoor champion, meet record
  • Linetta Wilson – U of Nebraska (Jamaica) – Olympic Team member 1988 for Jamaica; 5th place 4 x 400
  • Marcia Tate – U of Nebraska (Jamaica) – Olympic Team member 1988 for Jamaica; 5th place 4 x 400
  • Jill MacDermid – Calgary Spartans – Ranked top ten indoors and outdoors 400M; finalist at Canadian nationals.